Why I Traded in the Mouse Ears to Work Long Hours for No Pay…

I love the startup.  This is my third time in and for me nothing beats jumping into the unknown with an idea and a team of cohorts rallying around the notion that anything’s possible and we’re just the team to do it.

And let me tell you, Industrial Toys has a fantastically grand yet simple plan – the best mobile games for core gamers… ever!  And, in fact, we are just the team to do it.

This time around, though, I have an unfair advantage:  age.  In sports, age can work against you, but in business- especially the game business- experience goes a long way.  You know what they say, “knowledge is power”.  This is my third game studio and I’ve had the chance to work as an executive in two Fortune 100 companies.  For the first time, all that experience and my creative passion is intersecting with the hottest segment of gaming I’ve ever seen – mobile.

So why Industrial Toys for me?  Three reasons:  Personally, I am playing on my iPad more than any other device – it’s just so damn convenient.  I can play games without appearing to ignore my wife and family.  That’s critical.  Making games for mobile means more games for me!  Creatively I now have the freedom to do whatever the heck I want.  Our team is a manageable size, I am once again self publishing and our company will answer to no one but the customer.  That’s rad.  And commercially, have you seen the numbers on mobile?  Holy smokes – everyone is getting a smart phone or tablet.  The addressable market is so much bigger than any game platform that’s come before it and content and payments are immediately accessible to the customer.  Now that retail no longer forces a strict business model and format on us we can innovate on how our games are packaged, delivered and paid for by our customers.  It’s a very exciting business to be in – even for an old guy like me.

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