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The Midnight Star Documentary – Episode 2

Back in December we released the first episode of the Midnight Star Documentary from our friends at Armenia’s Tumo Center and now we are releasing episode 2 –– It gives you a closer look at how the team was assembled, why we chose mobile games and our reasons for the importance of community in all of our endeavors.

Special Bonus Content: Dumb Faces From This Episode

One thought on “The Midnight Star Documentary – Episode 2

  1. Episode One had me going squee when Alex’s mug came on screen! Hardy! Brent! Hello! And I let off an embarassing big squeee when Bertone’s happy face came into focus. Robt’s jaw dropped too, Bert. I hope you can imagine how excited we are for you guys and we fervently wish you much success! We’re both stoked to see old pals in what looks like a truly fun endeavor — we’ll keep an eye out for you.


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