Midnight Star

We’re pretty fired up over here at Industrial Toys. After putting up a shingle in February, we’ve been building the team, our systems and our first game. And we’re excited to finally share what we’re working on — a reimagining of the sci-fi shooter for touch called Midnight Star! Take a look:

Quick answers from the teaser trailer’s FAQ:

  • No, you don’t die in the first five seconds of the game, but it does get ugly
  • Yes, you can register now at midnightstargame.com to secure your credentials and get early– well– everything

If you get the newsletter, you know we’ve been banging away on R&D with nailing down a satisfying control scheme, developing really cool and interesting gameplay systems and weaving an outrageous story with awesome characters. Now, we can dig into all of this with you, and we’ll be showing an obscene amount of content in the coming weeks and months, starting with an accidental documentary in the next day or two, some posters we made because we couldn’t help ourselves next week and and an ongoing slew of concept artwork from Lead Concept Artist (and comics superstar and slappee) Mike Choi. Here are two to get started: one of our hero and exocommunications specialist Charlie Campbell, who you’ll be hearing a lot about from ECD Hardy LeBel, and a frightening shot of our Dust Ascended bad guy you probably noticed trying to do you wrong from the trailer.


Our totally unreasonable goal is to completely change the expectations core gamers have for their mobile games, and with that comes a bunch of dialogue about what we’re doing and whether it’s gonna work or not. If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter for updates/banter and on Facebook for deeper discussion strings (we will answer every good  question/topic or die trying). Soon, we’ll roll out a robust website for Midnight Star with all sorts of the usual community toys, but until then, we’ll be talking about what we’re up to here on the blog and on those channels.

So let us know what you think and come back often– the development of this game is going to be a combination joy/debacle and we’ll share it all along the way …


Note: Find a selection of press from our announcement here.

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