Midnight Rises - Sneak Peak

Midnight Rises – Sneak Peek

We announced the plans for Midnight Rises, our interactive graphic novel app, back in February and have been discussing it with many of you since then. We knew what the plan was back then, but now that it’s fully coming together, we wanted to share a sneak peek of what it is and what it does.

Here’s a video demo from our own Alex Seropian, walking through a selection of (unfinished, mind you) scenes from the application.  Take a look…

.”..with every subsequent announcement it becomes more and more clear that a tremendous amount of thought and attention has gone into every element of the Midnight Star universe.” – IGN’s Justin Davis

The Morning Star signal is discovered.

Humanity has been listening and searching for signs of extraterrestrial life since the beginning. Midnight Rises follows the events that happen right after the first confirmed sign is discovered and leads up to the events that happen in the Midnight Star game.

Retrofitting the USSF Joplin to become the MSRV (Morning Star Research Vessel) Joplin, the ship that will carry our characters out to investigate the Morning Star signal.

Each layer of art is illustrated in its entirety as seen in this and the previous panel, allowing the experience to present additional visual details that would be lost in flat imagery.

From author John Scalzi’s post on the experience: “Industrial Toys has been adamant in making the point that [Midnight Rises] is not a “tie-in” to the video game, in the sense that it’s something bolted on as an afterthought or farmed out to others to whip up on the quick. I can certainly agree with that; the graphic novel idea has been part of this from day one, and the same folks who are putting together the game (me, artist Mike Choi, Alex Seropian, Tim Harris and the whole Industrial Toys team) are building the graphic novel. And it really is building: the backend of the graphic novel is some fairly impressive programming in itself. And of course, there’s the story and art as well, which, you know, took a bit of work.”

A heated exchange between an embarrassed Exomarine and Charlie becomes…

…an opportunity for the reader to make choices on Charlie’s behalf.

“Though the [Midnight] Star shooter experience will be a 3D affair, Choi’s concept art is the basis for every model. With so much of himself invested in the project, Midnight Rises had to be more than another comic book.

‘If it was just a case of me doing another graphic novel … I probably would have just kept on doing what I had been doing up to this point,” said Choi. “Marvel and DC stuff, my own book, or whatever. This was definitely a situation — not just a brand-new challenge where I feel I can definitely bring something to the table, but also exposing myself to a brand-new field which I haven’t had much experience in.’” – Kotaku’s Mike Fahey

Findable items and choices that readers make are saved and contribute to both rewards and in-game effects.

The application will house all sorts of background and texture information for the Midnight Star universe.

For readers of the story and players of the game, Midnight Rises will house all sorts of story goodies: an interactive timeline of what’s gone on on Earth between now and 2134, personnel files on everyone on the ship, even information on things you’ll encounter in the game that won’t unlock until you have certain in-game accomplishments.

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