Let’s Fight – Our Top Games of All Time

“Kanye West rumored to be making FPS”

“James Cameron calls Avatar ‘an unfortunate flop’”

“Samuel L Jackson claims the real Nick Fury punched him in the face for being too nice”

Now that I have your attention - I thought it would be a great time to introduce the entire team at Industrial Toys as we make our 1st game, Midnight Star. And what better way is there to get to know someone than finding out their “Top 3 Games of All-Time” - in their own words (Keep in mind that it is extremely hard to pick just one and some of us have regretted our choices already).

NOTE: We decided for everyone to pick just ONE game from three chosen platforms (Console, PC & Mobile).




“Some caveats – this is hard to pick just one.  I’m also taking as a rule not to pick any games I’ve worked on cause that’s just a little too douchey.”

Portal | XBOX 360 | Valve/EA Games

“I loved Portal for three reasons: First, the mechanic is simple, unique, challenging and very rewarding – and used in the design so intelligently.  Second, it has the production value of an AAA game, but the structure of a casual game – the length of play session and the overall length of the game really lent itself to an old jaded gamer like me with three kids in the house.  And third, it’s got a great sense of humor.”

Plants vs. Zombies | PC | PopCap Games

“I’ve played this game through probably five or six times. Which is quite a feat for me who rarely gets to finish any game. The balance and ramping of PvZ is really well done and the fact that the simple mechanics scale across multiple modes is a hallmark of Popcap’s, and part of what makes this my favorite PC game. It’s also got a great sense of humor and a snappy theme song!”

Words With Friends | iOS | Zynga

“I know – this is kind of a lame choice for the guy who’s charged himself with bringing core gamesmanship to mobile – but it is definitely the game I’ve spent the most time in on mobile and I love that it’s been an ongoing play engagement between my wife and I.”


TIM HARRIS ? Founder & President


BioShock | XBOX 360 | 2K Games

“FINE, the game could have used some balancing and control tweaking, but as an immersive narrative experience, BioShock blew me away. I didn’t get the twist until the designers meant for me to, and my most memorable chills in gaming came at that point. So suck it, haters (/looks at Hardy).”

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar | PC | Lord British/Origin Systems

“Being given a character in an RPG based on moral questions at the beginning of the game was a revelation. For the first time in my life, I was killing baddies, delving through dungeons AND trying to attain enlightenment. I still have my notebook filled with all of the interactions in the game (actually, having to do that sucked, but I’m still nostalgic).”

Dungeon Raid | iOS | Fireflame Games

“I’ve never met anyone that agrees with me on this (other than @hodapp |see review), but this mobile game takes Match-3 to the most degenerate-addictive-grindy-nerdiness level that I’ve ever encountered. I both admire and detest this game, because I poured so many hours into it, and always found myself playing just. once. more. Many games add RPG elements to try and create depth – this one succeeds.”




Mario Kart Wii | Wii | Nintendo

“Great balance of power ups. You could go from first to last and then from last to first on the final lap of the race. Your race result is definitely not determined by which random power-ups you happened to get; you develop strategies for using or countering each. The game also changes the chance of getting certain power-ups based on your current position – to keep things fair. In one game, I managed to use the Blue Shell on myself, that was cool. It can be done.”

Half-Life | PC | Valve

“Awesome story telling, great graphics, cool mission design – I definitely miss playing that.”

Kingdom Rush | iOS | Armor Games

“Super fun gameplay with a cool tech tree and it was way too hard. You could advance the tech tree whether you finished a level on Easy or Normal mode so after banging my head against the wall on Normal, I advanced my tech tree on Easy, and then went back to Normal. I viewed it as a strategy, but not everyone in the office saw it that way. At the end of the day I finished the game and had fun, certain other people in the office- not so much.”


HARDY LEBEL Founder & Executive Creative Director


Super Mario 64 | N64 | Nintendo

“This game literally showed the industry how to build platform gameplay in 3D. Everything was a revelation, from the sense of freedom to the 3D camera and the inventive level designs.”

Dark Age of Camelot | PC | Mythic Entertainment

“I loved multiplayer gaming, but DAoC (my first MMO addiction) showed me how powerful game mechanics could be in creating and shaping social dynamics.”

Kingdom Rush | iOS | Armor Games

“If I’m forced to pick just one, I’d have to give the edge to Kingdom Rush. But the list of top mobile games that have captured my attention is long and includes titles like; Waking Mars, Where’s My Water?, Words With Friends, Skylanders: Cloud Patrol and Bejewelled Blitz. It’s a cop-out, but I’d say that so far I haven’t seen that one killer mobile app that truly dominates. At least not yet ;)


MIKE DEKOEKKOEK ? Director, Engineering


Gears of Zelda: The Wind Waker | XCUBE | Never Happened

“That game was OSM. I loved the cover system and team play in horde mode. I got really sucked into online multiplayer for a while. The sailing mechanics were fun, and it was the first game I’d played that was open world.”

???? | ???? | ????

 ”The last time I played a PC game that I was really into was ‘I Can’t Remember’.”

Edge | iOS | Mobigame

“I love puzzle games, and I love how Edge takes a simple approach to the controls. Its swiping and holding system is accurate and elegant (not enough levels though).”




F-Zero | SNES | Nintendo

“This was one of the first games I actually tried to master. I remember I would go to people’s houses and beat their records on their cartridges. One friend of mine couldn’t beat one of my lap times on the track “Mute City”, so out of spite he ended up erasing the entire game’s scores – Loved it.”

Shadow Warrior | PC | 3D Realms/GT Interactive

“I actually convinced 10 people at a LAN party to install the shareware version of this game. This was a difficult task as it was around the time Team Fortress and other Quake mods were popular. I loved the game’s humor and multiplayer design, especially the heat seeking missiles – Good times.”

MotionX-Dice | iOS | Fullpower Technologies

“Such a simple mechanic and great feedback. Collecting all of the unlockable dice became obsession of mine. Nothing on mobile has even come close to exacting the experience.”


MIKE CHOI ? Artist/Comics Guru


Rock Band | XBOX 360 | Harmonix/EA/MTV Games

“Rock Band because the first time I met my wife was when we played ‘Welcome Home’ at a house party. She was on vocals, I was on guitar. Expert. 96% – I’m good at Rock Band.”

Solitaire | PC | Wes Cherry/Microsoft

“Minesweeper is hard. I don’t play PC Games. Worst Korean gamer of all time.”

Nyan Cat! | iOS | Marc Ellis

“The video game equivalent of eating parmesan cheese packets.”




Shadow of Colossus | PS2 | Team Ico/Sony

“For the sense of dread and ambiguity it gave. And because winning the game meant losing it.”

Descent | PC | Parallax/Interplay

“I think it’s the only game I’ve ever played where 8 of my fingers were all doing something important at the same time – Rocking 1v7 online multiplayer over a 36.6K modem.”

Infinity Blade | iOS | Chair/Epic Games

“Yeah, I’m not original. Don’t judge me. It’s a slick game. It’s also basically baseball. THINK ABOUT IT.”


BEN BHARIER ? Level Designer


Beyond Good and Evil | PS2 | Ubisoft

“For me, this game successfully merged compelling characters, a unique atmosphere and story, and several solid gameplay styles. The story was well-presented and paced, and always motivated me to see what was coming next – Though stealth was a little unrefined, the rest of the gameplay was very tight, and combat felt responsive and unique. The game also had some really cool systems such as photography to add a layer of depth and replay-ability.”

Portal 2 | PC | Valve/EA

“Couldn’t put this one down. From start-to-finish the gameplay and story never lost momentum. The writing and voice acting was an unexpected surprise, and the dynamic music progression was extremely well-executed. Above all else – the usability was phenomenal. Just like the first game, the puzzle design and mechanics built upon themselves in an impeccable progression. My one and only complaint is that the credits’ music wasn’t as good.”

Plants vs. Zombies | iOS | PopCap Games

“An approachable strategy defense game that fits perfectly on touch-screen devices. Though, I will admit the core gameplay became formulaic, the minigame levels and constant unlocks kept things varied and fresh. Top it all off with consistent content updates, an achievement list the distance from here to China, and the freakin’ Zen Garden — I couldn’t put the damn thing down.”


TRAVIS MCLAIN ? Level Design Intern


“So many – it really depends on the mood I’m in.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 | Wii | Nintendo

 ”I appreciated all of the changes they made from the original and I loved the pacing of the game. It was just a purely fun experience – which seems rarer in games nowadays.”

League of Legends | PC | Riot Games

“This game is my competitive outlet. I love that the game builds upon itself – rewarding you for mastering the basics – then, as you get better, learning advanced techniques.”

Cut the Rope | iOS | Zeptolab/Chillingo

“I love this game. It’s one of the few popular mobile games that does a great job at teaching the player everything and giving great feedback. The core mechanic is solid and each new stage builds off the previous well.”

Honorable Mention: Jak II | PS2 | Naughty Dog/Sony

“Fun game. Great combination of humor, platforming and some action.”


RUBEN AVOIAN  Animation Intern


LEGO Star Wars | PS2 | Lucasarts

“Fun for all ages and gives the audience a chance to revisit the Star Wars universe and play major scenes from the movies.”

Crysis | PC | EA

“Amazing-looking game and very immersive environment. The nanosuit feature creates a unique FPS experience.”

Infinity Blade | iOS | Chair/Epic Games

“Great use of the Unreal mobile engine for stunning graphics and hack-and-slash gameplay.”


JOHNNY SKWIRUT ? Marketing/PR Intern


Super Mario Bros. 3 | NES | Nintendo

“To this day I will not find a game that I could play over and over again with such glee. It  epitomizes my childhood, my caution for endless pits of death and my efforts for perfect speed runs. Overcoming my fear of ‘Dark Land’ before I die is of paramount importance.”

StarCraft  | PC | Blizzard Entertainment

“I originally found out about this game when my older brother received it for Christmas and started FREAKING out. I could tell it was the most difficult thing for him to wait until we finished exchanging gifts to play it. Afterwards, I stayed up all night watching him play the game. I was hooked (MELEE: Zerg. UMS: LotR v. Last Alliance).”

Infinity Blade | iOS | Chair/Epic Games

“First game I encountered on the iOS that had the most replay-ability. The mini-games, the treasure hunts and the ‘Finishing Bonus’ had me hooked during my first run to the God-King. Also, having the story develop in front of my eyes is incredibly enticing versus starting a game with a synopsis.”

Honorable Mentions: Mario Kart 64/Super Smash Bros. Melee | N64/GC | Nintendo

“I found some of my best friends playing these games. Smack talk central.”


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