From Fanboy to Intern

As a precautionary method, I have decided to begin writing weekly logs describing my experiences at Industrial Toys to avoid any discrepancies between my intentions while working here and my intentions for eventual global domination.

I’m not trying to pull a Tom Riddle, BUT I am saying that I will stop at nothing to learn as much as I can about the gaming biz from the brilliant and eccentric minds that have been collected here. I am trying to adopt the ideals that I find most endearing to the industry in order to help present video games in a better light for future generations of gamers, geeks, nerds, dorks, etc.

I was getting ready for my Skype interview with Alex and Tim in my Brooklyn APT and I remember trying to set up the computer where they would be able to see traces of my nerdiness. My Vader alarm-clock, my comics, my PS3 or what have you. The thing that I neglected to hide was the fact that I have been in NYC for too long and I was trying to appear slightly conservative. They gave me shit for wearing my tie almost immediately.

After that I felt really happy to just be speaking with them because it felt natural. We talked about my history with gaming, how mobile games would have to change to get hardcore gamers interested and even how I traded in all of my consoles and games before college because I didn’t trust myself with learning about time management. I felt like I laid it all out there which, in hand, made me feel a little vulnerable, but it felt good to share my thoughts on gaming to people who had a direct effect on how I formulated those ideas in the first place.

A couple weeks later they got back to me with an offer to intern with them for the summer and I have been here since the first of June.

A Portrait of the Artist, Age 11

A short background for the reader:

I grew up in and outside Chicago as the youngest of three siblings who are also highly competitive, yet altruistic gamers. Some stuff happened and then I moved to New York to attend Fordham University. Last year I received my BA in Communications and Media Studies concentrating in New Media and Participatory Media. I have experience in political campaigning, network broadcasting, marketing and while I did all of that, I was thinking about video games.

I am finally in a place where I feel I will achieve great things and I am blessed to be apart of a truly collaborative, exceptionally creative and fantastically nerdy company like Industrial Toys.

[Insert Outer Limits joke here]


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