E3 2012

Ah, E3…

It’s that time of year again, when titans of the gaming industry showcase their biggest titles and plans for the next year (or years to come), and we were lucky enough to have our friend Rob LeFebvre over at GamesBeat ask us what we were most excited about for this year’s show.

Alex is excited to see a lot of his old comrades from Disney and Microsoft showcasing their goods (Mickey and Halo revamps FTW), but his attention will be directed towards our friends at Epic on Unreal Engine 4. “Great middleware is one of the ingredients fueling the best wave of game innovation I’ve ever seen (mobile and digital being among the others). . .But I do love the occasions we have as an industry to come together and share ideas. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’m always fanboy-geeked for the big stuff at E3, but it’s the trends that always seems to show themselves in between the booths that I’m most interested in this year. New hardware specs and announcements will chart a course for players and developers alike, but I also think that those announcements will shine a light on what’s happening outside of pure console development,” says Tim.

Check out what Peter Moore, Cliff Bleszinski and others had to say about their hopes for E3 here.

E3 has always been the melting pot of all things gaming; illustrating changes in development, showcasing trends in the gaming community, and most of all for giving players something awesome to look forward to.



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