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Tim co-founded Industrial Toys in 2012 and hasn't been seen since. He loves games, comics, and cake. And wizards. In fact, on Twitter, he's @thewzrd.

The First Gun You Get

As Midnight Star comes together, we’re moving away from all of the placeholder artwork and models and levels and everything else into the final (or near final) stuff we’re going to use in …

Renfield Blog

Meet the Renfield

There’s a problem that all shooters encounter– the problem of enemy frequency. By its nature, a shooter requires shooting. Of “bad guys.” And lots of them. To provide both swarms of enemies …

Midnight Rises

Midnight Rises

We’ve been alluding from the start that [Midnight] Star is going to be much more than the game itself. It’s a universe that we plan on expanding in a bunch of interesting ways. …

Mike Choi Midnight Star

Midnight Star Artwork

We’ll be releasing a constant flow of content about Midnight Star on multiple channels up until release. The majority of this cheddar is artwork — tons and TONS of artwork. Artwork from Roger …


Midnight Star

We’re pretty fired up over here at Industrial Toys. After putting up a shingle in February, we’ve been building the team, our systems and our first game. And we’re excited to finally …