The growth of mobile games is astonishing and while there’s plenty of content out there, there isn’t enough great content for core gamers — we’re committed to changing that. Industrial Toys is an independent game studio focused on creating great mobile games for core gamers.

Our first title, Midnight Star, is a re-imagining of the sci-fi shooter for touch devices.

As 2nd Lt. Charles Campbell of the MSRV-17 Joplin, players encounter deep space, a strange alien landscape, and a war that has long since been lost. Using the clues left to him, his crew, and a TON of awesome guns, Charlie must develop from modest exocommunications specialist to the one human being left with the means to take down the bad guys.

Midnight Rises is the tie-in graphic novel app from sci-fi writer John Scalzi and artist Mike Choi which details the events leading up to the Midnight Star, and contains the extra bits that serve as the “geekapedia” for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the lore.

Our second title, Midnight Star: Renegade picks up where Midnight Star leaves off and lets the player build their own custom arsenal of weapons to continue the fight to save humanity. Like its predecessor, Renegade offers new innovative touch controls to bring shooter fans a truly mobile experience.