About Industrial Toys

Industrial Toys is an independent studio designing mobile games for core gamers.

We’re huge fans of mobile gaming, but we think there aren’t enough great mobile games for core gamers and we’re committed to changing that. We’ll be mobile to the core, with games that let you have an immersive session at home that blows your mind apart as well as a 30-second experience that still moves you forward while you’re waiting for the bus. We’re going deep on story and community and all that crunchy goodness that we like to geek out on ourselves — This site is intended as a chronicle of our design process, an inside look at the ups and downs of development and a repository of things we think you might like if you’re interested in the same things we are.

Our first title, Midnight Star, is a re-imagining of the sci-fi shooter for mobile. Visit midnightstargame.com for all of the latest game updates as well as more information about Midnight Rises, our interactive graphic novel app written by John Scalzi and illustrated by Mike Choi.

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